ArtificiaL Intelligence

Construction Engineering

About us

ALICE empoweres construction engineering and management professionals with modern AI and Optimization techniques.

Who We Are

Born out of research at Stanford, we are a collaborative effort between experienced construction managers, software engineers, and computational methods specialists.

What We Offer

Our software automatically produces detailed schedules and resource allocations, which accurately estimate the cost and time frame for a project. Users understand the construction process through an interactive visualization, and can quickly tweak or modify a schedule to reflect the shifting realities of the construction cycle.

  • Automated Scheduling
  • Resource Allocation
  • BIM Integration
  • 4D Visualization
  • Cost+Time Estimation
  • Parametric Optimzation
  • Progress Tracking
  • Rapid Iteration

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ALICE is beta software, but we are excited to work with early adopters.
Please email to request access.